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Business, Projects & People

Business, Projects & People

I bring people, technology and process together.

I am always up for a challenge, having started and operated five business, one in Sydney and the others in Ireland.

I bring an MBA and the experience of delivering business growth programs for Data Solutions, IT Force and Storm Technology.

I have delivered over 50 projects including solutions for Eircom, ESB, Eirgrid, Forfás, Radio Telefìs Èireann, and Cork County Council, as well as guiding a 30 strong geographically spread team of software developers in Houghton Mifflin Harcourt from Waterfall to Agile Scrum.

Facilitation, Coaching & Mentoring


I deliver Coaching and Mentoring to individual senior managers, and I design and facilitate meetings and workshops for multinationals across Europe and North America.

My coaching and mentoring has seen me working within several organisations, including GE Healthcare and Trend Micro.

My workshop design and facilitation has included delivering a pilot to the New Frontiers program within Enterprise Ireland / CIT, building and delivering a personal development experience in conjunction with Smarter Egg, and via Starfish Taylor, facilitating group learning in multinationals covering offices in the UK, Mexico and Czech Republic.

Coaching is cutting through the B.S. in a positive and non-judgemental way to ensure we think properly and thoroughly about what we need and want to do, and that also we actually go about doing what we say we will do.

Coaching and Mentoring

There is a very fine line and often disagreement between what is coaching verses mentoring. My take on this subject is simply that coaching is the tool we use to professionally manage structured conversations. Mentoring on the other hand is bringing experiences to the table so that the client can extract the mentor’s learning and, if applicable, apply pieces of that learning to their own situation.

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